4 Essentials to Transforming Your Bedroom into a Luxury Suite

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Everyone yearns for a bedroom that feels indulgent and satisfies the requirement of being an abode of rest comfort. An indulging bedroom is not only essential for a good night’s sleep, but also vital to keep the synergy going between couples. Some elements can be added to elevate your bedroom setup to resemble luxe suites at top hotels. In this blog post, we have listed four essentials that you can purchase from a reputable bedroom furniture store, to transform your bedroom into a more luxurious and comfortable abode. Take a look.

1. Silk Sheets

You can easily snazz up the style quotient of your bedroom by incorporating a gorgeous set of silk sheets. To obtain the best possible silk sheets at any bedroom furniture sale, you must look for indicators such as the momme weight of the silk sheet and the type of silk used. Ideally, the momme weight ranges from 6 to 30mm. You can also choose from a variety of silk thread used to create the sheet. Popular brands for silk include Habotai Silk, Tussah Silk, and Charmeuse Silk. out of these, the Charmeuse Silk has the best luster and least friction, while the Habotai or China Silk has a sandy matte finish.

2. Art Groupings

Putting up art groupings in the bedroom is an innovative approach to amp up the style. You can choose from a variety of matching frames or similar art patterns, readily available across bedroom furniture stores, to create your unique impression. It is, however, important to keep visual balance intact, by keeping up heavier frames to the left and at the bottom. Such an arrangement will ensure that the balance of the entire art grouping is uniform. There are many art forms available today such as word art and vintage movie posters that you can choose.

3. Euro Pillows

Luxury hotel suites take pride in their arrangement and combinations of pillows in the bedroom. Large square pillows or Euro pillows are often the preferred choice of homeowners who are invested in creating a more luxe bedroom decor. Such an arrangement of pillows not only anchors the back of your bed, but also offers a tremendous visual impact. Standard sized Euro pillows is 26″ x 26″, and their pillow case is known as Euro sham. To create more appeal, you can match the shams with the used duvet cover.

4. Luxe Beds

Nothing beats the luxury of having a kingsize bed in the bedroom. Having a luxe bed is not only an opulent bedroom furniture accessory, but also helps deliver a bold style statement. Modern day luxe beds feature several wow factors such as leather upholstery, crystal tufting, metallic nailhead trims, and multiple stitch patterns. In addition, these beds also feature several design factors that help enhance the comfort and indulgence, such as sheets with a high-thread count, duvets, and multi-colored pillow combinations.

Wrapping Up

Having a comfortable and indulging bedroom is essential for a happy home and recharging batteries for another active day. Contrary to the common notion that bedrooms should only focus on comfort, modern day bedrooms give equal focus on both comfort and opulence. You don’t have to go visit a plush hotel to enjoy the comforts of a suite. Bring the suite into your home by incorporating a few opulent bedroom furniture and decor ideas. At Furniture Nation, we are committed to helping you furnish and accessorize your bedroom with an exciting collection of bedroom furniture for sale online. If you have any questions on available options, or need help with some innovative home decor ideas, fill out our contact form and one of our experts will get back to you, shortly. You can also give us a call at 817-605-7632.

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