4 Innovative Ways to Redecorate the Space Around Your TV

Decorate Space Around TV with Furniture Nation

Living room space around the TV is probably one of the most difficult areas to decorate. Homeowners often invest in stylistic and creative living room decor furniture, but completely ignore the blank wall bearing the flat-screen television, making it stick out like a sore thumb. In addition, homeowners also underestimate the value of wooden tv cabinets and console tables, regarding them as inconsequential living room accessories. Well, not anymore! In this blogpost, we share four interesting ways to revamp the space around your television to give a fresh definition to your home decor. Take a look.

1. Give a theme to the space

Whether your living room features a wall mounted television or one that rests on a wooden tv entertainment unit, you can easily turn the space around into an interesting focal point by giving it a theme. You can surround your TV with mesmerising wall art pieces, family portraits, and other collectables, in a symmetrical fashion. In addition, incorporating a vintage buffet or dresser helps impart a classy touch to the existing theme.

2. Use a Contemporary TV Console Table

Incorporating contemporary tv console tables (or credenzas, as they are popularly known), beats every living room decor idea when it comes to decorating the empty space around a tv. Such tv consoles are readily available online and include a variety of secondary features such as drawers, closed cabinets, and cube-like frames. If you have a home theatre, adding a tv console table helps you create a sensational centerpiece.

3. Put a frame around your Television

Introducing an innovative frame around your television is one interesting way to transform existing living room decor. Creative frames are available in various designs and sizes, allowing you to customize dimensions to give a built-in look or encapsulate it within larger frame. In addition, you can also use a frame with lacquer details and vertical stitching to render a soft, pleasant demeanor to the living room area, especially the space behind a tv.

4. Go for open shelves

Though they may seem a tad simple, incorporating open shelving underneath your television is a contemporary and practical technique to revamp living room space. Such a configuration allows you to store remotes, discs, and game consoles, in one simplistic niche accessory. Tv console tables with open shelves are available in several designs and finishes including rustic, vintage, and burnished, to help you introduce a sense of relaxed elegance.

Wrapping Up

Wooden tv cabinets and console tables are key elements of living room decor. Contrary to popular belief that the furniture bears a minimalistic demeanor, modern-day tv stand furniture designs are anything but simple. They are available in various designs and finishes, and help you transform living room space around the tv into a contemporary masterpiece. At Furniture Nation, we are committed to help you furnish and accessorize your home through an exciting online collection of tv consoles for sale. If you have any questions on available options, or need help with innovative home decor ideas, fill out our contact form and one of our experts will get back to you, shortly. You can also give us a call us at 817-605-7632.

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