4 Reasons to Switch to Open Kitchens

Renovating your interior to accommodate an open kitchen can be a tough ask. Even for those who are looking for their new home, the idea of a kitchen combined with dining room can seem strange.  This new style is catching on quick and more home-owners are already beginning to make the transition, and for good reason.  We have compiled a list of four points to show you the benefits of having an open kitchen in your home.

Perfect for guests

Open kitchen styles began with studio apartment owners who were looking to make cooking and eating into a social experience rather than a tedious chore. When you invite guests over, you can cook, eat and chat all at the same time, making for an ideal in-house gathering. Not to mention that open kitchen settings are genuinely more appealing and aesthetically elegant with more choices for furniture than a standard dining room. Tables and chairs serve the dual purpose of giving guests a place to converse as well as dine.

All in one room

There is no need to argue over the efficiency of an open kitchen versus a closed one. Fitting all your tables, chairs, utensils and appliances within the same walls not only saves you money, but it also does wonders in conserving room in your house.  Dining rooms can be turned in to study or work areas and lighting can easily be changed. Open kitchens are simply a bigger bang for your buck.

Easy to make the change

The idea of shifting to open kitchens tends to bring horrendous thoughts of tearing down walls, and moving heavy fixtures to some of our readers. While few houses are truly not feasible for open kitchens, you will be surprised at how your choice of furniture can easily add seating space to your kitchen. Use your counter tops as a substitute for tables. Switch to high chairs to be placed in front of counters for guests. You can accomplish a lot by making smart decisions regarding your choice of dining furniture.

It’s the new trend

The shift has already started towards open kitchen with furniture catalogues and designers showcasing more options for such settings. The demand comes from home owners who are beginning to recognize the benefits of open kitchens, and preferring them to closed ones. Therefore, it is only ideal for you to move with the flow and change your furniture choices to fit the trend.

Whether you are making your next trip to the furniture shop or just looking for advice on your new home choices, keep in mind our tips on open kitchens.  As always, our blogs and opinions serve only to make your shopping experience fun and comfortable. Head on over to our home page for a complete list of furniture choices on open kitchen sets and dining rooms. Our on-going sale will help you get started quickly so be sure to take advantage of our prices today. If you would like to know more or just want to leave us some feedback leave your comments in the form below or give us a call at 817-605-7632. Happy shopping!

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