4 Top Bedroom Trends to Adopt in 2017

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If you are looking to give your home a new, trendy look with chic bedroom groupsets you can experiment with your bedroom colors and decor. It is important to bring out a blend of comfort and style that complements the decor theme. The bedroom must act as a sanctuary where you can relax, recharge your batteries, and get some well-deserved sleep. This blog post shares some notable trends to consider in 2017 to transform your bedroom and give it a fresh look. Take a look.

1. Beds with Upholstered Heads

Timber bed frames have ruled the market from time immemorial. Although some people still prefer them to other furniture options, they will gradually give way to more luxurious, upholstered bed heads. They made their debut in luxury hotel rooms a long time ago, and are beginning to grace regular homes now. You can go for a classic look with neutral colors. However, if adding a touch of glamor and oomph is on your mind, choose one in velvet or other rich fabrics. There are many exciting bedroom groupsets available online for sale that offer customised bedheads.

2. Reclaimed Wood

Looking to enjoy wood products without negatively impacting the environment? Actually, there is a way! If you are part of the growing environment-conscious tribe of homeowners, reclaimed wood is the answer to your problem. Many designs and trends are now focusing on giving homes wooden accents and texture using reclaimed wood. It is also an eco-friendly and economic option. Things are changing and glass, stone, and concrete, which had been a choice of many for a long time, are now so outdated! Reclaimed wood can blend with any bedroom style and used in the form of ceiling inserts, side tables, and even available in complete bedroom sets. Wood from old barns and warehouses can still be used to decorate your home to give it a touch of luxury.

3. Wallpapers

After years in the terraces, wallpapers are making a comeback. They had been branded as too brash and flashy to be used in homes. Wallpapers are an exciting option for those who are keen to lend beautiful colors and patterns to their bedrooms. From vibrant to understated, the choices never fall short of your requirements. You can even select from among different scenes and attractive sights, without restricting yourself to patterns and colors. Still unsure about using wallpapers in your bedroom decor? You can start with a small section of the wall and see whether or not it looks good, before proceeding. If it looks great, you can go ahead and adorn the entire wall with your favorite wallpaper.

4. Multipurpose Space

Sleep is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word ‘bedroom’. However, a bedroom can be used for a host of other purposes apart from sleeping. The optimal use of a bedroom demands that you go beyond the traditional. Use your bedroom in innovative ways. You may add a small desk and table to convert some of your bedroom space into a study area or home office. If you are a gaming junkie, throw in a bean bag to spend your evenings fighting off repulsive alien invaders! The whole idea to redefine the traditional uses of a bedroom.

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Trends are not meant to last forever as they die-out or evolve. Take a look at your bedroom and consider how long it has looked and been used the same way. Probably not many changes have been introduced and the place ends up feeling uninviting and lifeless. Prop it up and make it exciting and a functional place where you love spending your time. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom, Furniture Nation has an exclusive range of home decor accessories and bedroom groupsets available for sale online. Feel free to call us at 817-605-7632 or fill out our contact form to get answers to all your questions.

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