5 Creative Ways to Divide Your Apartment Without Building Walls

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Whether you want to create a functional space in your living room or separate a section of your kitchen, you can do without building walls. Modifications that include building walls are a big ‘no’ with most apartment rental services providers. A smart way to get around the issue is with the help of built-in room divider options. They bridge the gap from one room to the other without entirely closing off spaces. You can also create functional spaces in a work environment with an extensive range of room dividers available for sale online. Let’s take a look at five creative ways to use room dividers.

1. Use sliding panels

Sliding panels effectively separate the rooms. They don’t create a ‘closed-off’ feeling, which is common when rooms are divided with the help of physical walls. It is easy to use them sliding panels as you can simply hang from the ceiling or attach them to the walls. They slide along rails and can be adjusted according to your preferences and space requirements. Available in different materials such as woven fabric, wood, and metal, and beautiful designs, sliding panels bring a touch of personal style to an apartment.

2. Place bookshelves smartly

Adding bookshelves is a practical solution to maximize your room spaces. Place bookshelves at a 90 degree angle to the wall to create an extra living area and add storage space in your apartment. The bookshelves need not be as high as the ceiling but is advisable to use tall ones to make rooms look bigger.

3. Use room screen dividers

Screen dividers have found a new set of consumers who understand their utility as design elements and functional furniture items. It is easy to separate a room without closing it off entirely using them. They are easy to store as they can be folded into a small size. They offer valuable convenience when an apartment or room needs to be separated for any occasion such as a social gathering. Available in decorative designs and multitude of styles, room screen dividers are a good option to create additional spaces in an apartment.

4. Put Sofa at the End of Your Bed

Separating your apartment needs some innovative ideas and putting sofa at the end of your bed is one of them. Set your sofa so that your back faces the sleeping area when you’re seated. It will help you to use the apartment space effectively. Many people often leave the space near the bed open but people tend to get up from the bed sideways which makes leaving the space at the end of the bed futile. It is better to put a sofa there!

5. Add a Coffee Table

Something as simple as a coffee table can help you separate your apartment space. It is not always necessary to add physical dividers to create more functional space. You can add a coffee table that blends with your apartment decor to separate your apartment aesthetically. Buy a coffee with storage space to keep your newspapers, magazines, and other knick-knacks.

Wrapping Up

You can configure available space to maximize utilization and carve out areas based on your needs. It is not an easy task and requires finding effective solutions such as furniture options. Using decorative and modern room dividers is a flexible and affordable way to add valuable space to your apartment. If you want to partition your apartment, use contemporary and decorative bookcases and other types of room dividers available on sale online at Furniture Nation. If you have any questions on available options or need help with innovative room dividers, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, shortly. You can also give us a call at 817-605-7632.

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