5 Essentials for the Perfect Study

Everyone needs a certain environment for being productive. With more people starting to work and take online classes from home, setting up an office or study is becoming more and more popular among home owners everywhere. To quickly get you started in planning your very own study or home office, we have boiled down our entire guide to five areas you should consider when buying furniture for your study or home office.

    Desktop table

At first you need to decide where you will be using a desktop computer. It is crucial to setup a single spot rather than move around your computer creating a mess of wires entangled around your furniture. A desktop table needs be of a minimal design with just a few slots for better cable management. There is no need to buy one that has racks, stands or what not. Keep everything simple and straightforward for your office furniture choices.


Working under lights that are too bright is not recomended. A study or home office with a relaxing ambience is more suited for a productive and sometime meditative experience, so lighting is crucial. Go for lamps and spotlights rather than going with typical lighting choices in home furniture. Even better, utilize sunlight as best as you can with curtains and blinds that allow just the right amount of luminescence to suit your mood.


Next, you will need to consider where to keep all your reading material. Your bookshelf doesn’t have to be large or cumbersome like the typical office furniture. A much better option is to go for a small waist-high shelf with vertical sections rather than horizontal ones. A more popular choice for shelves are book racks which might seem like a strange choice, but they get the job done. A good place to start would be a selection of credenzas or similar office furniture for your study or home office.

    Writing table

Aside from a desktop choose a table for penning down those important notes, writing tables are also available in slanted rather than flat tops.  These are more comfortable, and tend to be better for your posture.  Writing tables are especially popular with artists and designers.


Sometimes you just want to grab a book and relax.  Always consider a spot in your study area dedicated for comfort. The ideal choice for such office furniture is a single seat sofa or a recliner that can be planted in one corner of your room. If you are looking for a different option, then perhaps you can get yourself a beanbag for a modern aesthetic feel or a rocking chair for something more rustic for your home furniture.

You don’t have to work from home to have a home office or study in your house.  These rooms are great for boosting your productivity and can also serve as seating areas for your guests. Whatever the reason, be sure to consider transforming you room with the right selection of office furniture. You can start right here at furniturenation.com by browsing through our catalogue featuring the most popular choices for study and home office furniture.  Contact us if you have any questions via the form below or call us at 817-605-7632.

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