Bedbugs Giving you Sleepless Nights? Here’s How to get Rid of Them

Tips helps you address the problem of bed bug infestation with Furniture Nation

Buying a comfortable living and bedroom furniture sets comes with a bit of responsibility to ensure unfettered comfort. You need to take steps to keep bed bugs away, as they often hide and colonize barely accessible areas of your living and bedroom furniture sets, such as the gaps between joints. Bed bug infestation is a major problem across the U.S., especially in places such as Dallas that have experienced a wave of infestation cases, with many people requiring emergency medical attention. To help you avoid becoming a part of this statistic, the blog post discusses some easy tips to address the problem of pest infestation in your living room and bedroom. Take a look.

1. Disinfect Your Sofas

Consider any signs of bed bug infestation such as black spots on the upholstery and sheets, bed bug eggs, and molted skins on your furniture upholstery or sheet as red flags. To avoid these pesky pests from multiplying, use a HEPA filter PCO vacuum to treat the couch. These vacuums are specially designed and include a shake-free bag to ensure the bugs don’t escape the vacuum’s body. Next, use steamers to get rid of eggs that may be hiding in difficult to reach areas such as crevices, and cracks. After steaming the sofa, treat the sofa using a non-staining residual spray.

2. Opt for Beds With Feet

Prefer using beds that include feet over the ones that are devoid of them. Choosing a bed with feet gives you the option to place bed bug coasters that act as the first and the most basic line of defense against bed bugs. Coasters are designed to trap bed bugs trying to climb your bed. Some sophisticated versions even include compact apartments that help you track the path the bed bugs use.

3. Position Your Bed Carefully

Bed bugs often use surrounding furniture and walls (close to the bed) as a bridge to reach your bed. That said, these pests can’t jump, therefore, placing your bed at least a foot away from the furniture, and walls will help you address the problem. Make sure to move pillows, bags, covers and stuffed items alongwith the bed. Place the bed in a way that its back is at least an inch away from the wall. Ensure the bed cover doesn’t touch the ground or any surrounding furniture.

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth, if you Suspect Infestation

If you’re already struggling with the problem of bed bug infestation, spray food grade Diatomaceous Earth around the baseboards of your bedroom and furniture. Ensure uniform application and avoid gaps for maximum effect. Diatomaceous Earth includes silica that cuts bed bugs’ abdomen when they walk over the line, thereby, dehydrating, and eventually killing them. Using DE is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but can take time to yield favorable results as many bugs can survive up to a couple of weeks.

5. Use Bed bug Protectors for Pillows and Mattresses

Use bed bug pillow and mattress protectors to wrap your pillows and mattresses. These protectors include breathable fabric that creates a bed bug barrier, thereby, helping you address infestation problems. Opt for a protector that covers the sides, top, and bottom and doesn’t leave any potential entry points uncovered.Look for protectors that include durable materials such as a urethane membrane fused with 100 percent stretch knit that is not easy for bed bugs to chew their way through.

6. Keep Outside Materials from Your bed

Even if you’re not facing bed bug issues and your bedroom and other parts of your house are bed bug free, you still run the risk of infestation, especially if you have a habit of placing guests’ courts, bags, clothes, shoes and other belongings on your bed. These articles may be serving as bed bug colonies, therefore, placing them on your bed will provide a new home to these pesky pests. As hard as it may seem for pet lovers, it is also advisable that they don’t allow their furry friends to lie on the bed as bed bugs often hide in their fur and will hop on to the bed when they get a chance to do so.

7. Declutter your Living Spaces

Like other pests, bed bugs love to hide in dark corners, often nesting in clutter such as piles of laundry, and stacks of papers. Get rid of all these waste products to ensure bugs don’t get ample space to hide and lay eggs. Use plastic bags to seal trash before putting it away in the can. Clear the desks, floors and tables of unwanted articles and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Make sure there are as few articles as possible around your affordable bedroom furniture to avoid any risks of bed bugs finding their way to the inaccessible corners of the furniture that serve as perfect breeding grounds for them. Wash laundry in hot water before storing them as bed bugs can’t survive high temperatures and will perish instantaneously.

Final few Words

Following these tips helps you address the problem of bed bug infestation. that you avIt is also advisable oid opting for used furniture as you can easily get affordable bedroom furniture sets online. If you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth or surrounding areas, Furniture Nation is happy to help. We carry an extensive collection of furniture, including bedroom furniture sets to meet the diverse needs. To learn more about available furniture pieces, call at 817-605-7632. You can also fill out our contact form, and a customer care representative will get in touch with you, shortly.

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