Bedroom Furniture Placement the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui Bedroom Furniture Placement with Furniture Nation

The bedroom is an ultimate hideout that provides comfort, warmth, and familiarity, after daylong exhaustion and hard work. While it sounds great to equip your bedroom with all sorts of trendy and indispensable furniture, it is even more important not to overdo things, which defeats the very essence of having a bedroom. Having said that, for every item you place in your bedroom, the choice of color and even materials makes an enormous difference in the state of your quality of life. Putting together your bedroom the Feng shui way can help you reap many benefits and we are going to help show you just how to do just that. Here are some feng shui guidelines to help you get the most from this chinese philosophy.

Bed placement

Bed placement is the utmost layout aspect of your bedroom, and here is how you can go about it.

  • The ideal placement of the bed is diagonal across from the door. This placement gives you privacy and enough time to see people entering your room.
  • Never place the bed directly in front of the door, as this requires your feet to point at the door when sleeping. Feet pointing at the door is known as the coffin position, which is the worst position to sleep in. Also, it is considered inauspicious as dead people lie in that position.
  • Avoid placing your bed under a window, as according to feng shui, chi energy enters and leaves a room through the windows. Placing the bed under a window means you are interrupting the path of chi energy and it might flow over you as you sleep, causing restless sleep.
  • Don’t place the mattress directly on the floor as you place yourself in the direct path of chi energy, and it is also considered inauspicious, according to feng shui.
  • Never place your bed next to the wall that works as a barrier between the bathroom and your bedroom.

Avoid Poison Arrow in Additional Furniture

Before you invest in bedroom furniture, think of it as a comfy cave- small and cozy. There should be enough space for movement within the room. In addition, keep weary of poison arrow. Poison arrow is negative energy that emanates from anything sharp pointing at the door, for example your body, or bed. Inside the bedroom, chances of creating a poison arrow gets high if you place a armoire or a dresser and their sharp edge is angled directly at the bed. These points can hit your body while you are asleep. Make sure you position sharp-edged furniture appropriately.

Remedy to Poison Arrow

If you can’t avoid poison arrow furniture placement, the remedy is suspending a multi-faceted crystal ball from the ceiling so that it is between the poison arrow and bed. Another way out to use a runner for a dresser to conceal and soften corner edges.


In the case you plan to place nightstands on either side of the bed, make sure that they are aligned according to the length of bed and not rising higher than it as it can create a poison arrow targeting the bed.


If your armoire has a mirror or you are placing a single mirror in the room, make sure you position the armoire in such a manner that it doesn’t reflect the bed. If unavoidable, cover the mirror when sleeping.

A Few Parting Tips

Everything you place in your bedroom has a profound effect on the flow of chi energy. When arranging furniture, you want to ensure that nothing interrupts the natural flow of chi energy from door to window, and feng shui bedroom layout guidelines can help. In addition to furniture placement, make sure not to place any kind of clutter under the bed. Mess has a negative effect on your sleep and health. Hope this brief read helps you get the most from your furniture arrangement with feng shui. For bedroom furniture and decorating ideas, feel free to explore our bedroom section and speak to us. For any details on bedroom furniture for sale, contact us at 817-605-7632.

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