Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to your walls, there are many ways to spice things up and add character that go beyond simply painting them or putting up wallpaper. Tapping into your creative side and thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating the walls in your home is not only something that will make your home stand out from the rest, but it will give you a chance to play around with different methods and see which works best for you. There are many ways you can transform everyday objects, such as old books or discarded branches, into pieces of art to adorn your walls with. On the other hand, you can try wall stenciling, make your own abstract piece of art, or using fabric in ways you never thought you would.

If you are looking for a fun home project this winter but don’t have a huge budget, you’ve come to the right place. The Do It Yourself wall art ideas below should give you a good starting place to transform a boring wall into a focal point of your home. Once you’ve picked out your wall art project, remember to head on down your cheap Dallas furniture store and grab a beautiful armoire, end table, or vintage chair to bring your newly transformed room together. If you have any questions about our furniture offerings or would like some additional decorating tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are a few simple DIY wall art ideas:

  • Turn an old window into a picture frame.

Check out your local thrift store or even a salvage yard for an old window and let your creative juices take over. Window frames make for interesting, conversation-invoking picture frames that will give your home a rustic yet charming vibe.

  • Blow up your Instagram pictures.

There are several different websites that offer an affordable way to turn your artsy Instagram photos into large wall art.

  • Attach fabric to your walls using liquid starch.

Pick out a fabric you love then follow the online instructions for making liquid starch and you’re all set with a brand new, unique wall. Be sure you pick out a heavier fabric, such as upholstery, so it sticks to the wall without getting messed up.

  • Create string art.

All you will need is a canvas, some nails, and either embroidery floss or yarn and you will have everything you need to create a unique, personalized string art. Simply use the nails to create your design and then connect them using your chosen yarn

  • Make a display with shoe boxes.

Pick out a few sturdy shoe boxes and spray paint them with the color of your choice then mount them to the walls. You will not only have eye-catching wall art, but a new way to display lightweight decorations.

If you are looking for a way to add some style and charm to your home without spending a fortune, the above listed wall art ideas should give you a good place to start. Most importantly, remember to have fun with this project and that there is no wrong way to do things!

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