Four Changes You Will Need to Make for 4K

Technology is changing our lifestyle, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our very own living rooms. With the release of 4K television products, the time has come to make some adjustments to your entertainment center’s furniture to support larger screens. Here are our 4 recommendations for changes to your living room furniture to support a 4K television.

    Larger Screen, Smaller Stand

With 4K televisions being released in 50 inch versions with some bolder models reaching upwards of a hundred inches, you won’t be needing your wall-mounts or high stands anymore. Instead, your choice of furniture for a 4K television should be a something more similar to a miniature TV console that somewhat resembles a coffee table in a living room. Check out the Odyssey White Storage TV Console which perfectly encompasses all that’s needed; knee-high, few drawers and a no fuss table top for an entertainment center.

    Stretch your Seating

Guests will no longer need to sit closer to your 4K television which will pack as many pixels as a 4K TV. Therefore, your lounge seating will need to expand outwards for a more theatre-style living room. Most furniture such as triple sofas can adjust to this setting, but it may be time for some new additions to your entertainment center. The middle of your room will therefore leave much to be desired. Rather than cluttering it with coffee tables or other furniture, why not go for rugs that fill in the gaps?

    Lighting is Everything

The perfect living should have lighting that adapts to your mood. However, with a 4K television brightening up the room, keeping the right luminescence becomes crucial. Chances are your existing entertainment center will need to be dimmed down with lighter lamps and a thicker curtain on your windows. A smarter way to go about this is by changing the color pallet of your room. Go for more blacks and darker shades of brown rather than whites. Even these subtle changes to your furniture can make a big difference. You can read our styling guide for more options on decorating.

    Room Sound

Something that is taken for granted by most home owners with entertainment centers is how the sound will resonate throughout their living room and for that matter, throughout their house. The new 4K televisions match their sound with the size by filling a room with loud surround sound. Therefore, make sure your walls are up to par and the furniture in the room can drown out the noise from the TV.

Ultimately, what you are looking for in an entertainment room is a bigger setting and furniture that is well placed to accommodate a 4K television with ease. It is not always simple to build a room and set the furniture around a giant screen, but your inspiration should come from a movie theatre. In the end the choice is yours, but Furniture Nation always hopes to point you in the right direction when shopping for your furniture. Be sure to check out our entertainment center as well as our living room catalogue for great choices at a low price. And as always, leave us a comment below or call us at 817-605-7632 for any thoughts and feedback you would like to leave us.

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