How to Maintain Wooden Furniture to Increase Its Life?

For centuries, wood is the most popular material to construct furniture items due to its strength, durability and elegance. However, wood does have the inclination to blemish quickly and become dry where it gets cracked if not taken care properly. Maintaining wooden furniture means taking care of it from extreme climatic conditions like moist and too much exposure to heat along with preserving its structure by moving it with care.

So if you have oak furniture in your home, here are some guidelines for you to maintain it and to preserve it for the generations to come.

Read The Tutorial For Wooden Furniture From The Manufacturer:

If you walk into an oak furniture shop and bought a new piece of it, ask for a booklet of care instructions.

Leave Drawers and Doors of Your New Furniture Open:

Leaving the drawers and doors of your newly purchased furniture open allows the typical smell of furniture oil to scatter away. New furnishings when packed and shipped to your door steps has been freshly oiled, airing the wood will help minimize the furniture oil odor.

Move Wooden Furniture with Great Care:

Regardless of the fact that oak furniture has its own strength and durability, but it is important to take proper care of it when you want to move it. It’s good to lift the furniture instead of dragging and carefully set it at its required place, this will maintain the strength of its joints.

Prevent Close Contact To Heat Source And Sunlight:

Avoid placing your oak furniture near to a heat source or direct exposure to sunlight or extreme weather conditions. This will dry up your furniture; cracks will appear and fade its color.

Application of Furniture Oils:

You can also preserve your furniture for the long term by applying special furniture oil on regular basis. Once in a month is suggested to apply to prevent it from cracking and drying, this will create a moist layer on it to help resist from environmental hazards. Furniture items like tables and chairs that are more exposed to environmental wear and tear should be oil once in a week. Proper oiling your furniture also help maintain its shine and luster for the years to come.

Avoid placing hot items directly on wooden furniture:

Try to prevent your oak furniture from directly placing hot items on it; beautiful table mats are widely available from the market in all sizes, shapes and colors to enhance the beauty of your furnishing.

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