Peacock Room Decorating Ideas for a beautiful indoor

Peacocks are among the most colorful and attractive birds in the world, children and adults both get inspired by their beautiful colors. Different people and home designers all around the world take ideas from their flashy feathers and unique colors to decorate their indoors.So if you also the one hunting for some unique peacock inspired home designing ideas, then here are some guidelines for you.


Selection of Wall Colors:

In any home decorating project, right selection of wall colors is one of the most significant tasks that sets the overall impression of any interior. In peacock inspired interior design ideas, the wall colors should look like peacock feathers, it will be sensible to paint three walls of a room with deep teal shade and create an accent wall to include a touch of variety in the entire room. The color of this wall will totally depend upon the color of decorative accessories added in the room.

Peacock Inspired Bed Sheets:

You can purchase the bed coverings that are made of peacock color tones that are widely available from different interior decoration stores from your local market. Remember the tip that purchase the pillows separately, when buying the pillows, emphasize on their detail and patterns. Professional home designers always suggest to go for solid colored patterned pillows that are available with sequins or feather. (It is important to notify that these types of pillows are simply for decoration purpose as you have to go for other simple pillows to sleep on.)

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Rugs or Carpets in Peacock Colors Tones:

Carpets and rugs can make or break the entire ambiance of any room, so it is very important to choose a color scheme that should be according to the complete decoration theme of your room. It is up to your own choice, whether you want to go for wall to wall carpeting or rugs available in different alluring colors of various sizes and shapes. In peacock inspired rooms, light colored carpeting rather it is of khaki shade or whatever, will really look good.

People who love to go for darker shades, teal or dark blue shade is also highly suggested. Houses where there is already a wooden flooring, beautiful area rugs will be the best. Rugs available in market with animal prints are also considered to be the best.

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