Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here! Which means green grass, blooming flowers, and lots and lots of sunshine. However, these aren’t the only things this time of year is famous for. You guessed it: Spring cleaning. For many homeowners, spring marks the time of year when all that junk you’ve been collecting over the year is gone through and either tossed or donated. From clearing out the closets you conveniently forget about the rest of the year to finally getting that office organized, spring cleaning means a fresh new start and prepares you to tackle the rest of the year, clutter-free. Below we will go over some quick and easy spring cleaning tips that will help make the task less daunting.

Once you’ve given your home a makeover and are satisfied that your house has never looked better, the fun part can begin. One of the best parts of spring cleaning is that, when you’re done, you will actually be able to organize everything in an efficient manner. With the help of some new pieces of furniture from your local Dallas furniture store, you will have a much cleaner space and be able to find all your belongings, even come winter!

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Here are a few simple spring cleaning tasks and project that you will have no problem tackling this weekend:

  • Remove Stains and Odors.

Many people forget this step when spring cleaning, as it seems like more of an ‘in the moment’ chore than an actual spring cleaning task. However, most homeowners will agree that they have numerous stains and odors throughout the house that they simply turn a blind-eye to on most days. Begin by blotting up as much of the stain or smelly mess as you can, then, when cleaning upholstery, place a plastic liner or garbage bag between the cushions. Once you’ve done this, flush the affected area with cold water. You can also use a shop vac or portable spot cleaner. Go around your house and make sure you hit every stain. Once you’re done, you will automatically feel better about your living space!

  • Clean Painted Walls.

Similar to long-forgotten stains, cleaning your home’s walls is something that most people only think about doing once a year. To clean your painted walls, start with a clean cloth or sponge and water. If this doesn’t work, try dipping the rag into water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid. You could even apply a little soap directly to the stain, if you have a real stubborn one on your hands.

  • Remove Stains From Countertops.

Getting rid of stains on your countertops can be tricky, but the key is to be proactive and don’t give up. If you have stains on your countertops that you weren’t able to treat right away, try using a solution of ½ cup ammonia in a gallon of water. For coffee and juice stains, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide in water, plus a few drops of ammonia.

These three spring cleaning tips should give you a good place to start and are some of the best ways to make your home feel, and look, brand new again! When coupled with a new organizational system and some stylish pieces of furniture from your local modern furniture store,you will surely fall in love with your home all over again.

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