Secret Tips for Designing a Tiny Apartment

Here are many awesome benefits to small apartments – such as lower rent and being closer to the hustle and bustle of a busy downtown area. And, if designed correctly, they can quickly transform into a cozy home space full of charm. However, many people find decorating small spaces such as an apartment challenging, in large part because their focus is in the wrong place. One common misconception that people have when it comes to decorating tiny apartments is that more importance should be placed on functionality rather than design. In actuality, you should be focusing on turning your small apartment into a stylish abode that is inviting, functional, and fits your needs. Finding the right balance between these things is critical to creating a space you will be comfortable living in for the foreseeable future.

Whether you are downsizing to an apartment or it’s your first place, it is important to be selective with your decorating and not over do it. Let’s face it – it is easy to collect random items over the years that you cart around with you from home to home. When moving into a tiny apartment, you must come to terms with the fact that there simply will not be room for all your belongings. This is a great opportunity for you to sit down and go through your stuff, selling or donating what you don’t need or want. Once you’ve narrowed down your belongings, the fun part can begin!

As your home is where you lay your hat, we think it’s important to help you turn it into a space that not only meets your needs, but that represents your personal aesthetics. Here are a few design secrets to make your apartment feel like home, regardless of its size:

  • Don’t be afraid to delineate separate areas.

This is especially true if you are living in a studio or one bedroom apartment. Do your best to define separate areas and give each space in your apartment a specific purpose. Pick up a portable buffet from your Dallas furniture store to place between your kitchen and dining area, back your sofa up to the foot of your bed, and consider using a trendy divider to give the illusion of a bedroom, even if your bed and kitchen are sharing a space!

  • Invest in multi-purpose furniture.

Every inch counts when it comes to designing a small space. Because of this, it is important that you make the most of the room you have by purchasing furniture pieces that have multiple purposes. Consider a hollow ottoman that can be used for storage, or a dining room table with a built-in leaf. Regardless of what multi-purpose pieces you pick up, make sure they are size-appropriate for your tiny space and don’t take over the room.

  • Think vertical when it comes to your storage.

Most small apartments are lacking in cupboard and storage space, which means you must get creative. Tall, narrow storage systems will be your best bet when it comes to storage in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. A good tip is to place two identical bookshelves on either side of a doorway for a built-in shelving look, and look for kitchen storage ideas that will drop down from the ceiling. Not only will this free up for space for other items, but it looks cool, too.

  • Choose a light color palette.

As you may know, lighter paint colors will help make your small space appear bigger. When choosing your palette, focus on using colors that complement one another but don’t take over the room. If you just can’t live without a little bold color, think about getting your fix with furniture and accent pieces.

  • Declutter your apartment.

No matter how organized and clean you are, you will be hard-pressed to avoid accumulating clutter after living in the same space for some time. And, unfortunately, the clutter is much more apparent in tiny apartments because there are fewer places for it to hide. Once a month or so, make an effort to go through your items and reevaluate what should be kept and what you don’t really need. This will help you from getting bogged down with too many items and a claustrophobic-feeling apartment.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish, welcoming space that highlights your personal aesthetics.With a little planning and some great pieces from your Dallas modern furniture store, you will quickly be able to transform the tiniest of apartment into a functional home.

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