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When shopping for a sofa, style and color take centrestage, but there’s another element that requires equal consideration – couch’s filling. Since a living room sofa isn’t something that you will be purchasing every other day, it is crucial that you buy a sofa with filling that offers comfort even after many years. Foam, polyester, feathers or their combination are prominent cushion filling options for all types of sofas available for sale at online and offline stores, including leather sofas, sleeper sofas, and sofa chairs. This is why it is imperative to know the different couch filling options before you start hunting for a living room sofa at online or offline stores. To help, this blog posts describes the common cushion filling options

1. Foam

Most sofas feature form as the filling material. Foam filling cushion come in a variety of densities, offering different comfort levels.

  • High-density foam filling: cushions filled with high-density foam are firm in nature and feel hard.
  • Low-density foam filling: cushions filled with low-density foam are soft in nature and are mildly firm.
  • Memory foam filling: cushions filled with memory foam offer support the body and mold in different shapes in response to heat and pressure, making them an ideal option for people with muscle and joint pain.

Though, low-density foam cushion are softer than high-density foam cushion, they tends to degrade faster.

2. Polyester

Polyester filling is the perfect buying option for a budgeted buyer. Not only is polyester filling inexpensive, but it is also available in several densities giving you options to explore.

  • Soft polyester filling: cushions filled with soft polyester are smooth, bouncy, and durable.
  • “Ply-a” soft polyester filling : cushions filled with “Ply-a” soft polyester are limp and do not bounce back when pressure is released.
  • Faux-down polyester filling: cushions filled with faux-down polyester are soft and suitable for people who have feather allergies.
  • Cluster-polyester filling: cushions filled with cluster-polyester contain tiny balls of fiber, offering comfort and are a lasting polyester filling option.

3. Batting

Batting is generally used in foam cushions to offer smoothness and prevent slipping. You can find batting filling majorly in two thicknesses: 25.5 ounces and 42.4 ounces. Batting is basically made of cotton, wool, or polyester.

  • Wool batting filling: it comes in needled and layered form. Since layered wool degrades quickly, it is not used in couches. On the other hand, needled wool is tough in nature, which is why it is an ideal option to cover sofa springs.
  • Cotton batting filling: couches filled with cotton batting may poke through the covering. If it troubles you too, consider a cotton-polyester blend filling.

4. Feathers

Feather-filled cushions are perfect choice for individuals searching soft and comfortable cushion filling option. Feathers are an inexpensive cushion filling option for your living room sofa. The filling is made of duck or chicken feathers, which means you need to prevent the cushion from spills. Buy feather-filled cushion wrapped in waterproof covers to ensure they don’t get wet. Explore cushion covered in feather-proof casings to ensure feathers do not slip out.

The Bottom Line

Use this information to make a smart cushion filling choice. If you are looking for shopping convenience, a name you can count on, and access to a range of superior quality sofa chairs for sale, we give you an exclusive collection of living room sofas online. Furniture Nation is the home of living room sofas, sofa chairs, sleeper sofas, leather sofas, and other home and office furniture items. Our comprehensive range of sofas available for sale online includes cushioning in all filling options. Explore our inventory and choose a living room sofa online that compliments your decor and fits your budget. If you wish to learn more about our product-line or services, get in touch with our experts by filling out our contact form or simply dial 817-605-7632.

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